I'm worth more than a childish test - Lady breaks up with her boyfriend of 3 years after he used his friend to test her with sex (Photos)


A Nigerian lady has ended a relationship of three years with her boyfriend, after he played a 'childish' prank on her to test her loyalty.

Narrating the story, the lady said her boyfriend had the guts to ask his friend to try to sleep with her, in order to know if she's the ideal woman for him.

She lamented over the fact that she has been dating him for three years and even though he was jobless, she stayed by his side.

She said she toiled day and night, doing plenty jobs just to cater for him so he doesn't get frustrated over his joblessness, and in the end, what she got was a 'childish' test from him.

Ending the relationtship however, the lady prayed that he finds the 'perfect woman' who would meet all his awkward demands.

See screenshots of her chat with her boyfriend below;





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IMG_20200703_220838_154 3


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