Adesua Etomi Calls Out Miriam Shehu To Provide Proof That Banky W Was Paid To Promote Buhari

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Adesua Etomi has also reacted to claim of her husband, Banky W being paid to promote Buhari ahead of the election next month.

Recall that we reported earlier today that Twitter user @miriamshehu, had claimed that she has a photo of Banky W and his wife, Adesua Etomi travelling to Abuja via Arik Air in December to sign the contract.

However Adesua Etomi who also reacted to the claim, wrote;

"Miriam, I don't know u and I will never understand why you have tweeted this lie. My husband and I went to Abuja in December for the 16 days of Activism against gender based violence. A final event was put together by the EU and as influencers, we were invited to attend.

We weren't the only influencers in attendance. See picture below. With date stamp...clearly showing us at the event. A good name is important to me, has always been and that is why you will NEVER find anything that supports a story about me collecting money from ANYONE.


"My husband has never collected a dime to support Buhari. There is nothing to substantiate what you have written and I'm racking my brain about why you would write this. I'm saddened too. More because it is a huge lie but life has taught me that time reveals ALL THINGS.

If a picture of a husband and his wife on a flight to Abuja is all it takes for someone to write something so untruthful and have people believe it, then we are in serious trouble. No-one is safe. Surely you must have substantial proof. PLEASE provide it. I'm not scared.

Lastly, Nigeria will be great. She will thrive and she will rise above all the lies, the corruption, the turmoil. We WILL NOT BE SILENCED FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU who spew lies. We will not back down. We will not retreat and THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. Our names and hearts are clean.

For those telling me to be quiet. PLEASE free my soul. I hardly ever respond to lies and the filth that I see every single day but I WILL NOT allow my name to be dragged through the mud. I'm not a chicken, nor am I a coward. I can be quiet but I am NO IDIOT".


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