'The Falling Stars Challenge' is the new way Rich Kids are showing off their wealth on Social Media

While it has not really caught fire in these part of the world, there is a new, interesting and beautiful trend on Instagram that rich kids now use to show off their wealth.
Imagine what falling out of a Lamborghini with your hands full of expensive items and you fall face down, then pass out. Imagine how all those belongings you were holding will fall and scatter around you? That's the idea of 'The Falling Stars Challenge.'


The idea is for social media rich influencers - male or female - to post pictures of themselves elegantly dressed in fancy clothing, mimicking a fall from an expensive car or private jet, landing face-first, and remaining face down while they surround themselves with expensive belongings, scattered across their body as in the picture above.
It won't be the first viral social trend. Over the past 7 years, we have witnessed trends like Gangnam Style that inspired global flash mobs, Harlem Shake, Ice Bucket Challenge, Mannequin Challenge or the more recent 'In My Feelings' Challenge.
The falling stars challenge started in China as a trend, off the social media accounts, Weibo and Instagram and South China Morning Post call it the "Flaunt Your Wealth" challenge in Mandarin. The publication also reports how intense the trend is, a woman was fined in Shanghai for falling out of her Aston Martin.



It has however spread to Russia and India, with other countries like Indonesia and Malaysia witnessing some instances, albeit in lower numbers.
Quartz reports that, "The meme has resulted in more than 1 million messages and 2.3 billion views for the hashtag #炫富假摔 (link in Chinese), translating to "show off fake fall," on Weibo, which has 431 million monthly active users."
Although it is also being used by regular people of the middle-middle class to the lower middle class people on the social ladder, it is more synonymous with the rich and fabulous. Tech companies are also jumping on the trend for creative ads.
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