Sugar daddy promises man a job if he marries his girlfriend

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With the current increasing rate of unemployment in the country, a young man might be forced to pick between the devil and the deep blue sea.

A Twitter user identified as @Ody_johnson, has shared a story on the platform and it has since gone viral. According to Odudu Johnson, his friend has a girlfriend who also has a sugar daddy and the old man is promising him a job if only he agrees to marry the girl.

He wrote:

"So my friends Girlfriend has a sugar Daddy she's been dating for a long time now ,and my friend knew about him cuz his been with the girl since Uni .
Now the sugar daddy is promising him a job if he agrees to marry the girl ,my nigga is dead confused and I don't know wat to say.

So to shade more lights inbtw, my guy has been dating this particular girl since 2009 and knew fully well of the sugar daddy...
The girls immediate family knows the sugar daddy very well ...
Man sponsored the girl through University

Like its eazy to get the job without connect....
He got a good nysc ppa connect from the man last year and now the incentive of giving him the job connect is by marrying the girl....

Nigga knew abtt the man even before approaching the girl so his not judging the girl only that his scared the nacking will continue even after marrying the girl.

The continues and future nacking is what's giving headache..
But man needs the connect.


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