Bank Wars: Sterling Banks Shades Other Banks, Other Banks Give All Shades Of Comebacks

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So, the social media handlers of Sterling Bank Plc chose today, July 21, to shade some Nigerian banks in a not-so-subtle way on Twitter and it has since given birth to the first ever BankWars.

Drama started when Sterling Bank took to their Twitter to post an interesting advert with a caption that promised undecided customers better banking services.

It was a very simple tweet, the bank wrote: "Shoot for the moon, become a star - it's the least you deserve. Welcome to #SterlingBank


The image attached to the tweet, however, had all the shades you need to see.

Many people skimmed over the tweet, until a few discerning eyes noticed that the tweet was actually shading 4 others; Union Bank, First Bank, GT Bank and Access Bank.

And the named banks responded shortly after, dissing their colleague with witty tweets that stirred heated reactions on social media.

Access Bank was savage, writing:


"We will travel on an imaginary rocket too, if we were a one-customer Microfinance Bank; but with ten million customers and counting, we rather bring the galaxy to you! #YouAreWorthIt #TakeTomorrow #KnowYourElders"

Union Bank seemed even more upset, coming for Sterling again, again, and again.

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First Bank had fewer words, but was no less caustic, characteristic of the elderly.
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FCMB watched from the sidelines, waiting to be called upon.
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GT Bank, however, was a no-show. Mature or scared? We don't know.

What bank do you think won the war?


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