Think deeply about relocating – Immigration warns Nigerians


The Nigerian Immigration service has issued a warning to citizens against relocating abroad.

The agency in a thread on its official Twitter page warned Nigerians to be careful of‘modern day slavery’ disguised as juicy offers disguised.

The tweet read: “Hey guys you may need to think deeply over that bogus offer of a better life abroad. You may end up in modern day slavery. All that glitters is not gold.”

The agency advised those who intend to travel abroad to reject juicy, attractive but fake offers for foreign trips.

The tweet read: “TRAVEL ADVISORY
Are you planning to travel abroad anytime soon? Consider these:
1.Ensure that you have a genuine and valid Passport;

2.Approach the Embassy/Mission of your destination country to process your Visa.

3. Read up basic information about the country and have enough fund;

4. Refuse and reject juicy, attractive but fake offers for foreign trips to avoid falling into the antics of human smugglers and traffickers;

5. Follow authorized departure routes.Many who got deceived into following ‘short cuts’ never lived to tell the story;

6. Put value to your human dignity. Resist and reject to be smuggled or trafficked abroad. You are not a commodity.”

Recently, about 418 stranded Nigerians were repatriated into the country from Saudi Arabia.



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