Check out Charly Boy's Lists of Prophecies For 2018

Sjjss Tile

Outspoken veteran entertainer, Charly Boy has joined the queue of religious leaders who have given their prophesies for 2018.

Area Fada, took to his Instagram page to share his own unique list of prophecies for the year 2018.


Lols!, some of them are quite hillarious, like according to him Boko haram will lay down their arms and organize a peace concert.

See the full list below:

1. I see Boko Haram laying down their arms and organising a peace concert.

2. I see Nigerian pastors they are planning to stop collecting tithes they are building schools for their poor congregation

3. I see Nigerian police stop collecting bribe and brutalising the poor, hooray to them.

4. Dead people will remain in the land of the dead they will no longer be made ministers.

5. Old people shall pass away for the young to grow.

6. This 2018 will be what we make of it, even if we swim or sink no messiah is coming to rescue us, make we all agree say our mumu don reach final bus stop.


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