Prostitute screams, escapes from hotel room naked, after seeing size of client's manhood

For a woman of the night who operates in the 24-hour booming economy that is Mtwapa, the sight of a foreigner is always inviting, since most are said not to be as tight-fisted as the locals.`
And if the foreigner has a car, his premium rises because the hustles of getting into a matatuearly in the morning or in the middle of the day are eliminated. Besides, they pay lavishly, including taxi fare, andare not unknown to throw in adecent meal and drinks. Even better is that they could fall in love and sweeten the deal witha wedding ring.

But for one séx worker, the foreigner she met turned out be more than she had bargained for, causing her to flee from lady luck in her birthday suit.
The night had been 'dry' for her so the pick-up had taken place past 6am, meaning that their entrance into the hotel was noticed by the workers streaming in for their daytime shift and those leaving. Being the norm at these hotels, no one paid much attention to herskimpy dress, understanding that for her, it was just anotherday at the office.

"About 15 minutes after their entrance, we heard a woman screaming from somewhere inside the building," said a front-desk attendant at the hotel.
But before they could act, a nakéd woman bolted down the stairs and sprinted past thereception screaming, her clothes and shoes in her hands. She did not stop running until she was outside the hotel compound.

"Then a white man came out inhis underwear, stood at the reception, looked at the running woman and burst intoloud laughter," said the attendant, who had checked-inthe tourist the day before. In response to the curious glances from hotel staff, other guests and a few beach boys who were around, he said, 'ButI had not even started'," the attendant conferred.

Meanwhile, the woman was in pains to explain what had transpired back in that expensive room to taxi operators outside the hotel. A small crowd had also gathered out of the blue, with the journalistic oriented amongst them using their mobile phones to capture the image for posterity.

"I have been in this business for more than ten years but I have never encountered what Isaw inside that room. That man is too 'big' for life!" she said amid gasps of air

"If I had not run away, I would have been dead within minutes or required stitches torepair the damage. That white men is no joke" she offered as the crowd went wild with laughter.
She, however, had no intentionof refunding the tourist, sayingshe needed to be compensatedfor 'shock'. "I readily agreed to his offer. I got into his car and we headed for a nice hotel, " said the visibly distraught woman to the tuk-tuk operators who offered her comfort after her ordeal

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