6 Ways To Look Your Best Behind The Face Mask

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We all know how the pandemic has got us all looking like 'ninja turtle' because we need to wear face masks every single day. This has made some of us forget to do those girly things we used to do.

Most people don't look forward to using makeup anymore: even using a lip moisturiser is no longer a thing for many ladies. Our excuse is that "the mask covers the face already and it is a waste of time because no one is going to notice they are wearing makeup anyway and also the mask could ruin the makeup ".

However, there are multiple ways to look your best behind that face mask provided you follow this guild lines correctly.

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Now that the mask has become part of our daily must-haves, the first thing we need to consider is the use of a good moisturiser to prep the skin morning and night, there is no need for anything too dramatic, all you need is a glow and the moisturiser will give you just that.

Eyeliner And Mascara

Do you want that dramatic eye? Just know that the eyeliner and a good mascara is the answer. Have you ever wondered why those Arabian women stay beautiful, even when you can't see their entire faces? Now you get the gist!

Nude Lipstick

Using any sticky lip balm is not advisable because your mask could take it out, so your best bet is a dry nude lipstick this locks your lip down no matter how long you wear your mask for.

Lay your edges

I know you may wonder how laying your edges makes any difference; it makes a complete difference when you try it out and see how to put together you look, having your hair all over the place without putting it in place is not ladylike, you know there is a word that says "the beauty of a woman is in her hair" so laying your edges takes off all those hair sticking out and putting it in place this alone makes You look neat and a lot more presentable.

Use a Mattifying powder and foundation

You need to know that your mask could ruin your makeup when your foundation is way too cakey. Always use mattifying foundation and powder, Always avoid cakey foundations because there is nothing more worse to a woman than an oily foundation with caky consistency this can mess up your face as well as your mask.

Face cream

Your face is the most noticeable part of your body so it is very important to take proper care of it.

There are so many face creams to choose from provided they are suitable for your face. Using a good face cream protects the skin from the sun, nourish the skin, moisturises the skin, prevent the skin from dehydration, and reduces pigmentation you can use it in the morning and night time. If you are not a fan of makeup you could rock your face like that and you still look beautiful.


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