I Caught My Boss Pants Down With The Organization's Secretary - Worker Gives Juicy Details

I Caught My Boss Pants Down With The Organization's Secretary - Worker Gives Juicy Details

This story about a illicit office romance was shared by a Nigerian on a popular online forum.

Read the full gist below:

Wonders they say shall never end. this is not a cock and bull story or a fabricated gist. its very real and its happened right before my "Opolo" eyes. Just now, I mean few minutes ago i caught my boss pants down hitting so hard on our secretary's v*gina if you understand what I mean.

Every organization with randy bosses at the helm of affairs in various departments will agree with me that such scenarios play out almost on daily basis and this is not healthy for the health of such firms. personally its irks me when bosses who are supposed to protect the interest of their female subordinates decide to take advantage of them simply because they call the shot in the organization they work.

I wouldn't want to bore us with where I work; but I'm millions of miles away from my fatherland, Nigeria. Please note this; I was sent here for a one year training by my organization in Nigeria over a year ago. after my training our headquarters decided that i should be retained and i was later re deployed to one of our base here in the same country

Today, I am the first staff to arrive the office this morning. while ascending the staircase I heard voices and was like who could be in d office so early today? so i decided to tiptoe till I got to my boss's office. my office is directly opposite my boss's. Secondly, I noticed the CCTV cameras were all switched off so I switched it on before going to my superior's office where the sounds were emanating from. The door wasn't locked it was left ajar so i peeped. low and behold my Oga (a black man also a Nigerian) was digging so deep into our secretary's honey pot from all angles and for almost 10 mins i watched a live p*rn movie playing out right in the office of my boss with him playing the lead role.

While this was going on and none of the duo noticed that a third party was around, I decided to go back to my office. while in the office, I thought of what to do with my boss and the secretary. I arrived at the conclusion that I will download the video of their unethical act in the office and keep it just in case. i want to state here that my boss whom I caught pants down this morning is never a nice man at all. he is a sadist and an unrepentant pu**y addict. its obvious to me now that its not his first time of doing this nonsense in the office.

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Back to my eyes witness account. When they finished the f*cking session, my boss and his accomplice were shocked to see me. the look on their faces were like that of a rat who suddenly saw the flash light of a hunter and felt like the ground should opened for it to enter. note that up till the time they finished no other member of staff has arrived so it was just three of us in the building.

He (my boss) started shouting at me calling me names and also asking me a million question at the same time. All I did was to keep quiet and absorb his rantings. meanwhile, I have already switched off the CCTV camera so he wont know that i recorded is stupid act.

After all the brouhaha and 'shakara' he invited me to his office and asked me to sit down. At this point he was so calm and friendly but i refused to be deceived by his fake disposition towards me because I know how wicked the devil in him is. He offered me coffee which i rejected so at that point he asked me if I noticed anything i told him straight to his face that question will not be necessary cos I just came into the office few seconds before he saw me; but he suspected I wasn't telling him the truth so he he started making promises that I know deep down in me he will never fulfilled till he kicks the bucket.

I have his scrotum in my palm now. I don't intend to blackmail him for any reason not even for all the money in the world. but its gonna be a tool for me to keep him in check. As for the secretary, she has been pleading with me not to divulge the secret to a fourth party. she promise to do anything for me at the snap of my fingers.

For a start, she gave me 2,000 euro just to proof to me that she meant what she just told me. for now my boss is been extremely nice to me in the past couple of hours but how long he intend to play this nicety script towards me remain a subject of observation for as long as I am still here. I have password the recorded sexual act in the CCTV camera.

I will duplicate it as many as i can before deleting it from the memory.

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