"You can't say men are scum because your married male lover cheated on you, there is no honor among thieves" - Reno Omokri tells ladies


Former presidential aide and writer, Reno Omokri has issued out a warning note to ladies who date married men and still end up referring to them as scum simply because he cheated on them with another lady.

According to him, the lady and the married male lover are both caught in the web of the same sin and one ought not to criticize the other. He further described such ladies as thieves of marital fidelity.

Driving his point home, he wrote:

"You cant say men are scum because your married male lover ditched you or 'cheated' on you with your friend. There is no honor among thieves. You are a thief of marital fidelity, like the man you date. One scum should not call another scum names"



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