"It is hypocritical to attend funeral of those you did not associate with when alive" - Reno

Human rights activist, Reno Omokri settles the uproar on the low attendance of top Pastors at the funeral of late prophet T.B. Joshua.


Following the burial of the late man of God who passed on some weeks ago, there has been debate on how reputable pastors snubbed his funeral.

In reaction, Reno Omokri affirmed that it is hypocritical to attend the final rites of any individual with whom they never associated when alive.


In his words;

"Whether in religion, politics, or entertainment, in life, people usually only attend the funerals of men and women they associated with during their lives. If you did not associate with someone while that person lived, and more importantly, that person also did not associate with you in their lifetime, it is hypocritical to go to their funeral.

Nigeria generated ₦3.4 trillion in 2020, and spent ₦3.3 trillion servicing (not repaying) debt, and our priority is who did or did not attend a dead man's funeral? The man has died and cannot un-die. But our economy is dying when our government spends 95% of its revenue servicing debt! That is why $1 is now ₦504. Let us focus on issues that matter!"



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