"He cannot afford 13k balloons for his child's birthday" - Lyta baby mama calls him out for being broke

Nigerian upcoming singer, Opayemi Babatunde Rahim, popularly known as Lyta has been dragged by his baby mama, Kemi for being a broke baby daddy


Kemi took to her Instagram story to share posts that literally meant the young singer was not financially stable enough to cater for a woman, how much more, a baby.


Read her post;

"During my pregnancy, I went through a lil financial breakdown with buying baby items and trying to get myself and family together during Covid which had a massive impact on my credit score 9months later after giving birth, I tripled my credit score
One thing about me, imma work hard for my money!!!!

And p.s I ain't dating no broke nigga again, most of my relationships I've been the money maker, treating and spending on their ungrateful ass's. I've dated a rich guy before so I know how things should be. And yes I said what I said, make everybody gettat.

Dear future husband,

Aari's dad can't afford 13k (Naira) for balloons for his child's upcoming 1st birthday so imma need you to be able to afford my baby's monthly cost, If not you're not for me.

I asked him to provide money for balloons cause as much as I dislike him and his selfish ways I wanted him to feel involved in his child's life even in the littlest way but he's not ready to do NOTHING!!!! My father was useless too but not to this level and my son will never be."




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