OAP Lolo give her thanks to God as she and her kids survived a car accident

Nollywood actress and radio presenter Omotunde Adebowale-David, popularly known as Lolo or Adaku has revealed that she and her kids survived a car accident.


The actress took to her Instagram account to narrate that she and her kids were in the vehicle when the accident occurred, but none of them sustained any major injuries.

She recalled that the incident occurred on their way to school but God preserved them.

The mother of four wrote;

"I have never really been in a serious accident in my life so you can imagine how badly shaken I was yesterday when my treasures came out with scrapes and bruises i was just grateful
But im thankful for the joy of God's preservation....when you go out and come back home safe please thank God specially
Nothing broken
Nothing missing
Thank you Jesus"



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