"Please don't send me to my early grave" - Eniola Badmus goes emotional as she begs those who body-shame her for her size

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Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus has pleaded with gone emotional on social media while pleading with those who body-shame her not to send her to an early grave.

The actress said she's always bullied for being plus size by family, friends and the society at large and has now begged them not to send her to an early grave.

The constant cyber bullying she receives on a daily basis had made the plus sized actress to even embark on a weight-loss journey, yet the criticisms keep pouring in.

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According to her, body-shaming is the reason why a lot of people become depressed and when they eventually die, the best the critics would do is "put up RIP on their pictures".

"Y'all need to see the amount of body shaming I receive everyday of my life," she added.

She said in conclusion, "Na chubby I chubby, I no steal your meat."

See her posts below;

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