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Like a bolt of lightning rapper Kanye West announced out of the blue that he would be running for President of The United States of America! The world gasped in shock, however the rapper is known for his sweeping statements and rhetoric! This time however we have to take him seriously and ask what are the chances of this becoming a reality?

Kanye has stated to the press that while he believes he is the man for the job, he does not yet have a clear plan for his campaign or presidency.

West has also come up with an imaginative plan to rebuild the power system based on the Black Panther fantasy country Wakanda. He clearly fancies himself as a future king as according to the Wakanda ideal the closed-off state was run rather like a monarchy. In addition to this he has also named his VP as an unknown preacher from Wyoming Michelle Tidball.

The first lady to-be, Kim Kardashian was almost made for the role. She is super famous and popular in the US. We may even have a Keeping Up With The Kardashians, White House Version coming up!

Elon Musk, зlayboy, billionaire and philanthropist originally through his weight behind Kanye but has since retracted his support on Twitter. He withdrew his support when the rapper started making statements around the coronavirus vaccine being a "mark of the unclean" and an attempt to microchip people. This was a step too far for the SpaceX developer.

Whatever the outcome, this year's presidential election just got a whole lot more interesting for voters in America and betters the world over. While he may not have given himself enough time to fully prepare for a win at this year's election, you can be sure that it is a practise run for the next election in 2024. There will not be a lack of money thrown behind the campaign with a personal wealth of $ 1.3 billion

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