If Fela was alive today, he would have been president of Nigeria- Seun Kuti

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Son of Legendary singer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Seun, was a guest on TVC this morning where he spoke on his relationship with his babymama Yeide, the state of the Nation, the Nigerian music industry and his late father, Fela.

Seun was asked why he is now quick to respond to anyone who says anything about his father online. Responding, he said

"I will not stand by and watch anyone bastadize his legacy. Everybody wants to smoke Igbo, chase plenty girls. For those reasons you think you are Fela....No!".

Asked if his father would have supported any political party today if he were alive, Seun said

"If my father was alive today, he would be president of Nigeria"

Fela died in 1997.

Watch the video from the interview below


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