Epic throwback photo of #BBNaija Frodd dressed as a woman

So, we stumbled on an Epic Throwback Photo of Big Brother Naija Housemate, Frodd, all dressed up as a woman, during his undergraduate days in the university.

Check out the photo below;


The Pepper Dem Gang: A Look At The Girls Remaining!

With just over a month to go before we find out who will win the ultimate prize, we take a look at the ladies who are the contenders.



When she entered the House, the Pepper Dem Gang were not all too cheerful to receive her. But we soon forgot this as her transformation from the quiet Cindy to a very competitive lady who is not scared to confront anybody that steps on her toes.

If her standing up to Tacha in the Garden during the Darling Challenge was nothing to go by, how about her amassing so many fans despite coming five weeks late into the House? No doubt, Cindy has come a long way.



Sweet, calm and friendly, Diane's strategy in the House seems to be a discreet Game of innocence. Have you wondered why she has never really had any squabble with any member of the Pepper Dem Gang? Well, they probably don't see her as a threat, which is why she keeps serving us friendship goals like no other.

When we think of her relationship with Mercy and Elozonam, we see a woman who understands the Game and knows who to align with. Well, let's see how far this takes her.



As one of the Pepper Dem ladies who has enjoyed a great deal of rapport with the other Housemates, Khafi's moment in the House reminds us of one who is truly there to have fun. But on a closer look, especially after Gedoni was Evicted, we have seen a renewed version of her. More energetic, focused, Khafi has gone on to win the reputable HoH title as well as an Innoson car. Besides the wins, the free-spirit lady aka "a cup of Khafi" has maintained an interesting relationship with Tacha and this continues to blossom.



One of the Pepper Dem ladies whose moments in the House we cannot forget in a hurry is Mercy, aka Lamborghini. Apart from her fighting spirit at every Task, she has continued to entertain us at the Saturday Parties. Her relationships with Diane and Ike have helped us uncover various layers of her personality. The way she responds to issues that especially concern her people shows her fierce loyalty.



Fierce, strong and friendly, Tacha is a no-nonsense lady whom nobody messes with. Since stepping into the House, she has made it clear that she can't be taken for a ride. Her fake Eviction alongside Seyi has revealed another side to her that we didn't see before. After earning a second strike, she was seen in Biggie's Diary Room, on her knees, begging for his forgiveness. Talk about humbling yourself! Or is it all part of a strategy?



The gorgeous mother of two has given us many remarkable moments in the Pepper Dem House. She came into the House with so much spice that Omashola couldn't stop showing excitement.

Her peppery outfit, A-grade make up game and stunning looks cannot be ignored. She is also one of the Housemates that serve us killer moves at the Saturday Parties.


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