DJ Khaled - I Believe (feat. Demi Lovato)

DJ Khaled has another one in store, off the "A Wrinkle In Time" soundtrack.

Disney's A Wrinkle In Time is hitting a number demographics without prejudice. DJ Khaled gets first nod distinction with the lead single, as we enter opening weekend at the box office for the Ava Du Vernay screen adaptation. 

"I Believe" has a general message that is accessible on all fronts, and mostly caters to urban-pop playlists. Hip hop fans might be persuaded to get down with the sway in Lovato's voice. For his part, Khaled seems to be immersing himself quite well in the all ages club, starting with his son's infant steps.

Khaled is poised to hit pay dirt with two potential top grossers on the charts almost simultaneously.

Stay locked for updates on Father of Ahsad.


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