Music: Chris Brown - Gangsta Way (feat. French Montana)

Chris Brown - Gangsta Way (feat. French Montana)
Gangsta Way (feat. French Montana)

Chris Brown drops off another potential radio hit in "Gangsta Way" feat. French Montana.

Almost every song Chris Brown puts out is a threat to become a radio hit, and "Gangsta Way" is no exception. With sentimental arpeggiated guitar, it wouldn't be hard to mistake for a Kelly Clarkson track until Breezy comes in with yet another earworm of a melody. Even French Montana can't resist the song's pop sensibilities, as he utilizes auto-tune to sing his verse.

Brown and Montana have previously linked up for "Moses" and "Loyal." Reunited once again on the "One Hell Of a Nite" tour it was only a matter of time before they recorded another hit together.

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