Music: Big Sean - Precision

Big Sean - Precision

Big Sean is back. And this time, he's making a sharp return. Today (March 22), the Detroit legend has shared "Precision," his scorching new single.

Over the past few days, Sean has been teasing a new era on social media. This week, he shared a series of clips on Instagram, each of them sharing one common theme - clarity. And in the four years since he dropped his last album, Detroit 2, he seems to have gained quite a bit.

On "Precision," Sean raps over an energetic beat, reminding us that while he's been away for a minute, he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

"I'm gettin' harder to beat, Hadouken / They sendin' shots but somehow I just juke it / Hittin' my death mode, f*ck it, I'm B-I-G, you know I can't forget, I adore it," he says on one of the song's verses.

Listen below.


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