Music: Ciara - How We Roll (with Chris Brown)

Ciara - How We Roll (with Chris Brown)
How We Roll (with Chris Brown)

Ciara and Chris Brown have teamed up for a new song, "How We Roll," their first collaboration in 14 years.

The enthralling track, which they co-wrote with Theron Thomas, captures the chemistry between two lovers who are ready to get entangled with each other in the bedroom.

"And I can tell that you ready / three, two, one it's going down like confetti / Pour the ten to one shots again / If we film it on our phone / Promise that we're gonna trend," Ciara sings.

Brown appears in the second verse, singing, "Never worry / I'll keep you coming / That's how you love it / Who cares if we in public."

As noted above, "How We Roll" is Ciara and Breezy's first collaboration since 2009's "Turntables," a single-worthy banger from Ciara's Fantasy Ride album.


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