D'Anointed - Beautiful (feat. Frank Edwards)

D'anointed, Mr. Extraordinarily Graced Has Churned Out Another Heaven/Earth Connector Of A Song And This Time He Did It With The World Famously Known And Loved,Frank Edwards (the you too Dey Bless Me crooner).

The Song Is Titled: Beautiful.

When Asked Why He (D'anointed) Focuses On God The Way He Does,He Said He Believes Is Because Of His Personal Experience Of Gods Love And Beautifulness Over His Life As A Person. Because,As An Individual That Lost Both Parents Before He Even Became A Teenager And Had No One To Look Unto But God And God Alone, Yet,Went Through And Still Going Through Life Beautifully By Gods Love Beautifulness,... (which is why his heart passionately beats for the young youth of the world today).The Song "Beautiful" Is Much More Than A Song,It's A Deep Expression Of A Heart Full Of Gratitude,In Awe,Reflecting On Gods Beautifulness.

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