Music: Kolaboy - Ugomma (feat. Jaydee Bombshell)

Kolaboy - Ugomma (feat. Jaydee Bombshell)
Ugomma (feat. Jaydee Bombshell)

Kolaboy is back, and this time he's serenading the ladies with his new track, "Ugomma." Featuring the soulful stylings of Jaydee Bombshell, the song is a sonic tribute to the captivating beauty of African women.

Produced by the talented BARMY AJE and mastered by CAUTION LXE, "Ugomma" is a masterpiece crafted with adoration. The song's foundation lies in the Igbo folksong genre, its familiar melodies forming a warm bed for the vocals to shine.

"Ugomma" isn't just about catchy melodies and sweet lyrics. The song cleverly infuses the traditional Igbo folksong genre with contemporary Afrobeats elements. This fusion creates a unique listening experience that honors tradition while remaining fresh and exciting.

Listen below.


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