Music: Zlatan - 10 Bottles

Zlatan - 10 Bottles
10 Bottles

Zanku Records ring leader, none other than Zlatan himself, unveils his latest offering in the form of a compelling single titled, 10 Bottles. The release marks a self-reflective moment for the artist, as he takes center stage with introspective lyricism that delves into the depths of profound meaning.

In 10 Bottles, Zlatan takes listeners on a journey through his introspective zone, offering a glimpse into the inner workings of his mind. The artist doesn't merely provide entertainment; he delivers a message with substance. Opening with the lyrics, "Go hard or go home, my brother no padi for jungle o, nobody go help if you struggle o," Zlatan sets the tone for a track that explores the harsh realities of life and the imperative need for self-reliance. The stark truth emerges - in the jungle of life, one must be prepared to face challenges alone.

The production of 10 Bottles bears the signature touch of the talented beatmaker Chech, who skillfully crafts the musical backdrop that complements Zlatan's powerful lyrics. The synergy between the artist and producer creates a sonic landscape that'll captivate and resonate with listeners.


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