Music: Victony - Soweto (Remix) [feat. Omah Lay & Tempoe]

Victony - Soweto (Remix) [feat. Omah Lay & Tempoe]
Soweto (Remix) [feat. Omah Lay & Tempoe]

The co-opetition of Afrobeats penmanship: Victony collaborates with Omah Lay as they make the second "Soweto" remix (2.0) finally official.

The fans were elated when Victony and Tempoe unveiled the initial Soweto Remix, a composition that merged the prodigious talents of Don Toliver and Rema. The very fabric of fandom was shaken as aficionados of the genre collectively lost themselves in the euphoria, their adulation transforming into an intoxicating whirlwind of excitement and fervour. Yet, amidst this tempest of delight, an unofficial version, featuring the inimitable Omah Lay, surreptitiously emerged on social media, capturing the hearts and imaginations of listeners with its irresistible allure.

Like a resonating symphony echoing through the digital corridors, the unofficial version of the Soweto Remix, adorned with the mellifluous vocal prowess of Omah Lay, seized the attention of fans, who found themselves irresistibly drawn to its sublime harmonies and captivating melodies. As the clamour for its official release crescendoed, the collective desire of the fandom reverberated on social media, demanding its rightful place in Victony's catalogue.

Responding to this resounding requests, Victony, attuned to the pulse of his dedicated following, orchestrated a momentous unveiling: the long-awaited arrival of the second Soweto Remix, featuring the awe-inspiring singer-songwriter, Omah Lay. With this magnificent release, the collective yearnings of fans find fulfilment, as the resplendent aura of the Soweto Remix resonates anew with Omah Lay's distinctive resonance.

"Whine your waist o Tomiwa, Igbodere Chidera, aboki babe Mutumina, if she get yansh I go carry am."

The song is produced by the production genius, Tempoe.


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