@admin, please i want to know m0re about css m0difies and script edits.... What are the steps to takes on the CSS

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  • Date: Nov 12, 2013

I mean, how to creat pc view css to mak it look like yours or waploaded own....

FEATURE: Divs, body, footer, header, graphics in css , fonts, css floats, grids, table, and lot more,

need to kn0w abt dis bro

  • Date: Nov 12, 2013

What you asking is just something like a class for them. While you work on projects or study them online or using a book. If you need any help ask here. I can't start explaining all these.

  • Date: Nov 12, 2013

Ok.... How can i use image to mak css background and div?

  • Date: Nov 16, 2013
.imgBackground {
	background-image: url("http://www.path-to-image");
	background-color: #HEXCOD; /*Color that is close to the color of background image*/

  • Date: Nov 16, 2013

Nice one man, but the image must b upload in a folder?? I.e whr u put path-to-image, it we be www.url/image/nn.png

  • Date: Nov 17, 2013

Owk, m n0w through wit css body, background, grid and float, but gerard hw cn i mak gallery pix to b displaying one by one in the css, what type of div z dat bro ?

  • Date: Nov 21, 2019
@gerardcole, waiting for the reply
  • Date: Nov 21, 2019

Black Mill

Respect to all mai jiggy's

  • Date: Nov 21, 2019

The page is very coded

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