ISA Pantami, minister of Communications and Digital Economy, has called on telecommunications service providers to subsidy and relax calls and data for Nigerians.

Pantami, on his Twitter handle, said: "As earlier conveyed, as the Minister of Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy in charge of Policy of the Telecom Sector as in NCA, 2003, Part 1, I 'urge' Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), MTN, Glo, Airtel Nigeria, 9mobile, etc to ensure they further subsidy and relax calls/data for citizens in this critical time."

According to the NCC, Nigeria has over 174 million internet users, it was against this backdrop that the minister directed the NCC, the telecom regulators, to immediately work hand-in-hand with the telecoms operators and ensure a downward review of the price of data in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians also took to social media to call on the telecommunications service providers to give free services due to the COVID-19 crisis ravaging the World.

The minister also demanded improved quality of service provided as well as checking the illegal deduction of subscribers' data.

Pantami further added that the National Frequency Management Council established by NCA ? 2003), would allocate bulk spectrums to regulators for end-users, on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria

'As conveyed last week, all Network Operators are 'urged' to be more generous to our citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic,'' Pantami said.

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  • Date: Apr 07

It's only lack of conscience that won't make them act on the reduction or total subsidization of the charges for data plans
In some countries, firms that provide similar services have all subsidized their fees so we urge the fg to please help in the negotiation of a good and new fee that a common man can afford without spending his feeding budget for an entire week

God bless Nigeria
Stay safe?