Mtn just introduce new data subscription and not everybody is aware of this. The funniest aspect is that this data subscription as not yet been capped; meaning you can download up to 20gb if you want to because the key that
normally lock the gigs as not been found.

Can This Trick work on My Device ?
It works on all eligible internet browsing phone but cannot ping. So if you are making use of Java phone, you can always partake of this unlimited gig.

Do I Need A VPN To Browse With It ?
No. You don't need any VPN to browse with this one because it's not a Blackberry plan; but a normal plan.

How Can I Get This Unlimited Trick ?
1. Make sure you have #150 balance or above
on your sim
2. Just text 112 to 131 or dial *112#
3. Once your money is deducted, and the MB is
been given to you, continue to surf and download until you are tired
4.To use it on PC, use the default mtn apn. Continue to surf once the plan is active. It is unlimited for now before Mtn will cap it.

Every one should at-least benefit from this. Tested & Confirmed!

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