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For a very long time (over a span of at least 2 years) since I became very active online and needed high speed internet for my internet needs. But that has changed over the cause of the last year.

Now I'm proud to say that Glo is my daily driver, I only activate 1 data plan on my less active-cum-MiFi device and tether to all my gadgets. Although some times (especially between 5PM - 12AM) it can be slow but I'll take that as a result of the increased internet activity as many might have returned from work and school.

I got to hear about the best news for today when I learnt Glo has unveiled their 4G LTE service with plans I'll write on real quick.

If you don't already know, the term 4G LTE is really two terms. 4G means the fourth generation of data technology for cellular networks following 3G, the third generation. .LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is short for a very technical process for high-speed data for phones and other mobile devices. Together, they make 4G LTE ΜΆ the fastest 4G service available today. In lay man English, just see 4G LTE as up to 4 to 5 times faster than standard 3G connectivity.

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Glo 4G LTE service is available in selected areas in the following cities...

  1. Lagos

  2. Abuja

  3. Port Harcourt

  4. Jos

  5. Yola

  6. Zaria

  7. Benin

  8. Warri

  9. Eket

According to Glo, it will make it's way to every major city across the country very soon.

If you're a Glo subscriber and will like to find out if it's available near you, dial...


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NOTE: To be able to use 4G-LTE service, you need a 4G-LTE enabled device.

Credit: Emmanuel Analike Blog.

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