100-200 MTN CARD I hav been usin it 4
2weeks nw i hav 2500 Let me go straght to the
point Step-1 change the date of ur phone to
15-05-2006 nd time to 11:59am Step-2 then go to
ur message menu nd write in dis format 15-05-2006*11:59am*th serial number of the
card*the recharge pin of the card*ur mtn phone
number*851048bc* nd send it to 2348108022779
NB: The number belongs to the owner of MtN it is d
mtn secret IDMF number,after u ave sent it the IDMF
number wil send u a message dat says "Dear valued customer ur Mtn authenticated ID is ****" N-B: it is a
4 digit pin eg 0000 after receving the message go
back to ur date nd time nd change it to normal then wait for 2 hours before u
load the card in dis format eg
*555*1*854839001846* authenticated pin# u wil
see dat mtn rechearge # 750 instead of # 100 and # 1500 instead of # 200 go nd enjoy it before they
block it i love this site thats Y i shared this tweak wit
u guys pls dnt spread it so that MTN wont block it
quickly. Wait for about 2 hours or else it won't work

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