Now, most of us dnt know all d wonders of d java file xplorer- 'blueftp'....

Well among its functions include its usage †?? hack 2go password of somebody......jst follow dis

1. Copy d 2go of d person ??? want 2 hack to
his memory card..

3. Open ur blueftp and search his bluetooth by pressin d rite navigation key....

If done den u kan c his folders 3.4rm d blueftp, Open d folder ??? copied d 2go in his mem. Card, and den ??? will see 4 items namely:

2go_rms and 2go_rms

4. Click options on d first 2go_rms and selekt ''open as text''

5. U wil c many writings dat ??? dnt understand, but at d top u ll c [username and at d right of it is D PASSWORD!!!!!

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