Whatsapp is no doubt the Best Chatting App across all Mobile Phone platform, Its the next rated after the widely used Blackberry Messenger popularly known as BBM...


Evennow Most Blackberry Users make use of WhatsApp as a perfect substitute.
The issue of Whatsapp not working on Nokia X2-05 has been giving me sleepless Night not until i found out this simpleTrick and it works..
If you're Experiencing this same Problem, Here is a Quick Tip.

How To Use Whatsapp On Your Nokia X2-05

1. Look for anyone that make use of WhatsApp on his/her Phone.

2. Their is a way one can copy App on Nokia Phone, Copy the App to his Phone Memory.

3. Insert your Own Memory Card into the Person Phone and paste the WhatsApp App you copied earlier to your own memory card.

4. After that, Remove your memory card and insert back to your own phone.. [No Installation needed], The App will auto work.

Note:- You can use this Trick to Install WhatsApp to only nokia x2-05 phones, it has'nt been tested on other nokia phones


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  • Date: Apr 19, 2014

k tnks dear

  • Date: Oct 05, 2014

Tanks a lot am very happy, so now I can use whatsApp on my X2-05, I have been trying it for a long time all to no avail. WOW!!

  • Date: May 09, 2016


  • Date: Jul 10, 2016

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