This is what I have been enjoyed for the past 1 month, but I just decided not to be stingy to every of our members on Netnaija. Let's get started.

NOTE: I'm pleading you, Pls, follow my procedures carefully and Click the Like & Share Button.

First: Goto your message and Send 1010 to 1010 or Dial *101# then Load #200 and wait till weekend.

Now if weekend comes, now dial *123*10# or *141*712*0# and you g0nna see your 10mb free of charge dere.

Second:- After estusted your MB, I.E when your MB finish, just dail *101# again and, if you want to know either my tweak workd or not don't load to that sim and wait till weekend again and dial the code that I mentioned early to check your MB. And you will see something like YOU HAVE 10.24MB LEFT. Enjoy!

Tested and Trusted.


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  • Date: Oct 21, 2012

I:v bin us:n dis 4 l0nq nw buh quy/u try...D fn dan 0ld sha

  • Date: Oct 22, 2012

It‘s been something regarded as impossible for we Nigerians to manage a Paypal accnt due to the fact that paypal doesn‘t recorgnize our country for some reasons well known to them, but still some Nigerians are still having access to the that PAYPAL by the virtue of knowing people outside Nigeria (the most possible way). In that case they demand some penny to help some other people create it, but I must tell you this, I, as person will create this same PAYPAL acount for you, if you are interested FREE of charge with a Unique USA address and Phone number as usually required in the registration form of paypal website..but there is only one favour I will need from you in return and this is very simple, it is just a TRADE by BARTER and will base on your agreement to help, it is a solicitation for your help and in return you will get a Real PAYPAL ACCOUNT (unverified). Let me make myself clear.. If I say “Unverified“ it means their will be a limit to how much u can spend on a merchant website (purchase) but no limit to how much you can withdraw.
Now the only thing I need you do for me as have said earlier it is a trade by barter and very simple if u agreed with it, is: as we all have known that the issue of “refferal“ is no more WORKING with people this days as reffering people is not an easy task. I have a website that requires me to reffer people to it but it‘s been an hardcore ever since I started. If you going to help me with what u have, (as without u I can‘t get it done) willingly register at the website with my refferal link and Get ur PAYPAL ACCNT SENT TO U.
This is how to go about it if U have agreed to help
1. Go to this link (my refferal link) “ and Register
2. Send the “email“ and “password“ u registered with on the “link“ AND ur Full Name and Email you want for your PAYPAL ACCNT to any of dis phone numbers :08031542541/08183458451
3. After confirmation I will send u the PASSWARD of ur PAYPAL ACCNT and u can login and change ur password..
4. U can Meet me on 2go([email protected])...