Day by day, we download and
transfer so many musics, games,
application etc to our mobile
phones, not knowing that while
trying to download these
applications, the possibility of you
downloading a virus from the web
is very much open.

Virus as we all know is a malicious
program written by somebody
with a programmable knowledge
to secretly copy itself from one
phone/computer to the other.

Virus can affect the memory card
of your phone the screen,keypad
and other parts of the phone and
finally damage the panel.

This what
you should do when you discover
a virus in your phone.
Simply dial *#7780# and you will
receive the factory setting
software. Click on continue and
then enter the software code below.

Below are the list of software
codes for some phone

Nokia phone >> 12345
Samsung >> 0000
Motorola >> 0000
LG >> 8375

After you have achieved that, press
ok and your phone automatically
boots off and on. After your phone
has been switched on, restore
your personal data back to the

At the end of this restore, you are
advised to do some manual
settings to suit your desire.

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  • Date: Oct 16, 2012

datz factrory restore naa, bro dnt mke the site look like kids site, bring up advance tutorial or call me for help. And dnt move dis kinda shit on da hme page cos sme members will read and shake thier head, and never cme bak cos its so local.

  • Date: Oct 16, 2012

U guyz are actin funnin when u restore ur phone wat happen 2 d virus??? Is d same a deletin virus @pman u are nt serious so u are 1 of dos dat copy our post to ur site... Sha if u kw u are dat gud hav u create just 1 thread here. I dont hav time 4 ungreatful member like u

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