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Currently, there are more and more applications and websites that provide free calling and message services for people around the world. By adopting the excellent toll free calling and free text services, people can save a considerable amount of money on their monthly phone bills. However, not everyone can find the proper applications or websites that allow them to call or text their friends or families; even they sometimes find such applications or websites, they may find it difficult to get them registered there.

In today"s post, we are going to introduce you a terrific website, namely Globfone, which offers free calling and texting service. You do not need to register or install anything, just enter the name and you can enjoy toll free calls and free texting. If you are interested in this topic, please follow our instructions below.



1. Its Supported all Phone.

2. Yhu Must Unmark Yhur Apps Mobile View E.G Opera Mini Users, Press #8 >> Untick Mobile view to make it works & Load Fast!

3. Daily Limit For the Free Call is 5: Once yhu make a call 5 Times, then its Over For that Day!

4. Its Unlimited Free Calls

5. No Need to Register before Making a call..

6. Its Free Of Charge to all Network & Countries


GlobFone is a completely FREE service that allows you to call or text your family and friends around the world. All you need to do is to dial the number. Their service is sponsored by website advertisers. You don't need to pay, register or install anything

it's EASY and SAFE.

>> Now to Make a free & Unlimited Call CLICK HERE

>> Alternative If the Link Not Open visit http://www.globfone.com & Follow the Procedure we started in here!

[center]STEPS TO FOLLOW[/center]

1. After Entering Yhur Destination Mobile Number On the Screen, Click on Green Dial Button.

2. A box will Come ask Yhu to Verify the Images, Make sure yhu Re-write the images Showing For Yhu and Click On Send.

3. If the images Yhu Entered is Correct, It ll Redirect yhu back Home.

4. Then, Yhu ll See Yhur Call Has Been Registered, Jux Wait Dont Click On Anything While its Display Dailling!!

5. Yhur Receiver will now see Incoming call in an International Format!! Pick it and yhu are good to Talk till Mama Call!


Roberta Speaks: Honestly speaking, this is the simplest website we have ever met, with customer-friendly layout. And it is really convenient to make toll free calls or send free messages on this website. If you are looking for such websites, please do not ignore it.

NOTE: Yhu Can Only Make Free Call 5 Times in A Day!! Enjoy While its Last!!!

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  • Date: Oct 13, 2012

if link no open ..try this ====================

  • Date: Oct 13, 2012

i open d link n rit d num bt evn wen i pres d gren key it wunt do anytin

  • Date: Oct 13, 2012

Mehn each time i pres d green key, i get a reply dat 1 numba is missing

  • Date: Oct 13, 2012

@roberta, is it only 4 pc, cos it dnt seem 2 b wokn on mah phne, m getin a reply "missin.numba"

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