Am Telling yhu that MTN Double recharge card tweaks is back and better... it has once be working but blocked but Just Yesterday I tried it as i was cracking & Drafting xum Free call Tutorials.. and it worked For me & My Peeps @ home during that time.. it was around 9:26pm then!!

Do yhu wanna doubt these?

You have to be smart and fast.


Step 1: Recharge N100On yhur phone.

Step 2: After Recharged, go to MTN services >> MTN backup when is loading Quickly End it and off yhur fone For ten minutes

NOTE: All these must not be more dan 10mins.

Step 3: After ten minutes Switch on Yhur Phone and check yhur account balance yhu will be recharge with N200.

Tested & Trusted by Me!


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  • Date: Oct 12, 2012

Nt only dat!! dis weekend when u want 2 load instead of *555*pin# dial *888*pin# nd d amount u load wil be given back 2 u. If u load #400 exta 400 wil be given back 2 u... Dönt dull. Api weekend