It is very easy. You don’t need to do anything more than just to put proxy in ultrasurf:

Apn: portalnmms


[bolor=blue]1. Open ultrasurf. If you don’t have ultrasurf download from[/color]

2. Extract downloaded ansiwhere on your PC and open u1024 .exe

3. Click on Option--

4. Then click proxy’ settings

5. Put manual proxy’ setting as below:

proxy host

proxy port 9401

6. Connect any server

7. Put the following proxy in your Browser and 1DM port 9666

for idea ....use apn-mobile...
use proxy... and port 8080


for those for whom trick doesnot work can use this


1. Download spotflux from

2. Install spotflux

3. Open Spotflux..go to its settings---proxies---enter manual proxy configuration as:
for Idea: port 8080
for Voda: port 9401

4. Click enable button and wait until it got connected.

Thats it enjoy!

Note: Apn-Idea-mobile

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