It has been a difficult thing for we Huawei E303 users to unlock our modems since it was launched but I unlocked mine today.

I have stoped this kind of stuff for a long time but due to the high demand of the solution by the users when I visited Computer section of this forum.
I decided to work towards unlocking it and typing this tutorial to help thousands of Naija niggaz out there surfing the net.

The only software that can unlock Huawei E303 for now is DC UNLOCKER.


1) Dc-unlocker software.

2) Dc-unlocker username and password loaded it credits.

3) Internet Connection.

4) Stubborn modem you want to unlock.


Step 1) Download latest version of Dc unlocker from the download store of their website

Step 2) Purchase Dc-unlocker credit from the site >> OR from their Dealers >>

Step 3) Insert and install you modem software on your computer.

Step 4) Insert another Network provider sim on the modem, when it popup request for unlock code click "Cancel" and close the modem interface.

Step 5) Now open the Dc-unlocker software you downloaded and click on "Automatic detect" button, wait for some seconds it will show your device details.

After that click on server insert the username and password with credit you bought from Dc-unlocker site or dealers, you may click on "Check Login) to know the amount of credit on the account and to know if the username and password is valid.

Now click on "Unlockin" > Do the job.

It will connect online and unlock your modem within a minute. 4 credits was removed from my account remaining 6 credits after the unlock.

Step 6) Remove your modem and insert it again and shout I MADE YIT!

That is all.......

Now you have learnt how I unlocked mine today, buy credits from the dealers, rush into the market and showcase what I wrote above and pocket your money.

You can charge as much as N2,000 per modem unlocked.

Remember the secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your source.

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  • Date: Oct 19, 2012

pleas help us out on how to get and order for the credit, username and password. Thanks