Lyrics: Lil Wayne - Can't Be Broken

[Chorus] You cannot break down what can't be broken Out of all the rain clouds, I was chosen When all of the lights, they get low And all of the curtains, they close You cannot break down what can't be broken [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] They can do all... [Read more....]

Lyrics: Lil Wayne - Perfect Strangers

I don't know who you are any more Talking to the man in her mirror That been fuckin' with these bitches And it's dangerous Sleepin' with these strangers Every night a different woman doing the same shit But, you don't even call anymore And you... [Read more....]

Lyrics: Lil Wayne - I Love You Dwayne

[Spoken Word: Jacida Carter] Dwayne, mama proud of you You done came so far I can't wait for your album to come out A lot of people ask me when it's coming out They can't wait for your album to come out I'm just proud of you You's my rock, you've... [Read more....]

Lyrics: Lil Wayne - Demon

[Verse] Sleepin' with the enemy, my demons are too intimate She's sleepin' very gently so now they're startin' to enter it And now they're startin' to mentor me, » geekin' like Brittany » Tweakin' my energy, eat and die sympathy Scream and cry... [Read more....]

Lil Wayne's tour bus shot at in Atlanta

According to a MediaTakeOut exclusive report, rapper Lil Wayne's tour bus was shot up last night in Atlanta and fingers are pointing at Lil Wayne's label mate, rapper Young Thug. Read the report below "The Hip Hop beef between rapper Young Thug and... [Read more....]

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