Top 10 Movies Of 2017

This year gave us some really awesome movies both locally and internationally. The movies listed below are not particularly award-season movies (so don't expect movies chosen based on theatrical brilliance or some complex mode of execution) but... [Read more....]

Watch The First Teaser Trailer for "Frozen 2"

Disney has released the trailer for "Frozen 2," the sequel of animated film "Frozen". The new 2-minute trailer saw the addition of two new characters. Since the release of the trailer, it is being speculated that one of the new characters... [Read more....]

Movie magic at 1xBet brings profits galore!

So far, 2020 didn't come with so many blockbusters and cinema premieres as we've been used to. And this happens because most of the movie premiers have been postponed until fall. However, while movie fans definitely missed the new titles,... [Read more....]

10 Movies We Can't Wait For in 2019

2018 was a whirlwind, but we still got some epic movies out of the madness.  2019 promises the same, with pivotal sequels, live-action reboots, books adapted for the screen - and new, original movies that might just blow us away. Here are the... [Read more....]

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