CBN Bans Cryptocurrency KOKO TV NG 2

The Central Bank of Nigeria on February 5, 2021, released a statement signed by the Director of Banking Supervision Bello Hassan and the Director of Payments System Management Department Musa I. Jomoh, prohibiting financial institutions in Nigeria from dealing in cryptocurrencies or facilitating payments for cryptocurrency exchange.

Meaning all trading of cryptocurrency in Nigeria has been banned, as all Deposit Money Banks, Non-Bank Financial Institutions and Other Financial Institutions have been directed to identify persons and/or entities transacting in or operating cryptocurrency exchange within their systems and ensure that such accounts are closed immediately. The statement added that "breaches of this directive will attract severe regulatory sanctions."


Although the reason for this ban is still unknown, Nigerians have taken to social media to express their disapproval with the #WeWantOurCryptoBack as trading of cryptocurrency is a means of livelihood for many young people.


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  • Date: Feb 05

As a Youth,i regret being a Nigerian!!!
They're trying to drag us back to the STONE AGE....why can't this people that call themselves Leader see the progress, achievement and success going on in other developed countries and for once try to emulate them.Banning crypto currency in Nigeria, they're killing the dreams of tomorrow... Nigeria does not deserve to be called a country.... quote me, Nigeria is a "LOCAL GOVERNMENT"