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The Tokyo Motor Show has been known to be a yearly display the some of the craziest cars available, but that of 2017 took things a notch higher. The Tokyo Motor Show is where all the weird wild and wacky cars comes out to play and it is held once every two years.

Automobile giants, including Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Nissan were available to showcase the weirdest cars they have developed. The fixation of the automobile industry with autonomous and electric cars dominated the Tokyo scene between October 27 and November 5, and here are the six most insane concept vehicles of 2017 that were on display at the show.

Nissan IMx

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If you've ever considered riding in a driverless electric car, then the Nissan IMx is the one for you. This car is definitely the future of driverless automobiles as it features Nissan's ProPilot automatic driving system.

It also has an entertainment set-up controlled by hand and eye movements, and a redesigned battery that's now capable of travelling 600km on a single charge.

Toyota Concept-i

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The Tokyo Motor Show would definitely not be the same without an interestingly crazy idea from Toyota and this year's show was no different. Toyota came with the genius idea of the user-friendly Concept-i.

The Toyota Concept-i is a fully electric vehicle and has some outstanding features that includes social media, facial recognition and listening software. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the software that monitors driver behaviour and adjusts how the car behaves accordingly. The car also has cutting-edge autonomous driving functionality, while the Concept-i RIDE is a more city-friendly version that caters to wheelchair users with a joystick instead of a steering wheel and pedals.

Suzuki e-Survivor


The suzuki e-Survivor looks very much like a toy car that was assembled from a Jeep. It is an all-electric convertible sports utility vehicle that is much tougher and rugged than it looks.

The car which is designed for the Japanese market, has very good off-road capability, including super high ground clearance, virtually no overhang, chunky tires and wheels that are each powered by their own electric motor.

Mazda Vision Coupe

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This sporty four-door coupe commanded a lot of attention this year, as very few concepts were able to keep automobile freaks enthralled. The car is expected to serve as a preview of a full-size sedan that would be released in the near future.

The car has a smooth and sleek design that accentuates the bonnet but what is under is much more important. Mazda describes the graceful sedan-like body style as a "one motion" shape that most likely gives us a clue about what to expect from the much anticipated sedan.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution

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This vehicle comes with three powerful electric motors that delivers high performance for this electric car. The dramatic design of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution sets it apart and you should expect plenty of details from this concept. The car features autonomous driving and artificial intelligence technology, which Mitsubishi announced will be standard features on all its future production models.

Honda EV Sports

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The Honda EV Sports is a follow-up to the Urban EV concept that was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of 2017, and it has lived up to expectations at the Tokyo Motor Show, helping to extend Honda's electric vehicle platform.

The Urban EV was inspired by early models of the Honda Civic, while the EV Sports concept pays homage to the 1965 S600 Fastback Coupe, by incorporating the sleek, low, cute two-seater design of the former.

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