Iâ€ve written an article on this topic already but itâ€s been a long time and some things have changed though the procedure is still the same more or less. At the moment, the countries below are not supported by Paypal:

Afghanistan, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Haiti, Monaco, Tromelin Island, Akrotiri, Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Navassa Island, Uzbekistan, American Samoa, Cote dâ€Ivoire, Iran, Nigeria, Virgin Islands
Antarctica, Cuba, Isle of Man, Northern Mariana Islands, Wake Island, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Dhekelia, Jan Mayen, Pakistan, West Bank, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jersey, Paracel Islands, Western Sahara, Bassas da India, Equatorial Guinea, Juan de Nova Island, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Europa Island, Korea North, Puerto Rico, Bouvet Island, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Lebanon, Serbia and Montenegro, British Indian Ocean Territory, Gaza Strip, Liberia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Burma, Georgia, Libya, Spratly Islands, Cameroon, Ghana, Macau, Sudan, Central African Republic, Glorioso Islands, Macedonia, Syria, Christmas Island, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia,Timor-Leste, Clipperton Island, Guernsey, Moldova, Tokelau.

If you live in any of these countries, making simple online transactions can be very hard and itâ€s almost impossible to go into any online business. Thereâ€s one than one way to use a verified Paypal account in any of these countries. Iâ€m a Nigerian operating a verified Paypal account since 2009. Like I said, this tutorial has already been written but this is going to be more explicit as I intend to include screenshots with detailed guide on how to access the account safely to prevent it from getting limited.
Prerequisites to open a verified Paypal account successfully

1. A different IP address: A lot of people prefer to use one VPN or the other to change their IP address but personally, I donâ€t use one. All I use is a proxy software that seems to be stable and trusted (based on my personal experience, at least). I use Your Freedom and itâ€s been serving me for years.



I implore you to go through that software and make sure itâ€s properly working before proceeding with the rest of the steps in this guide. Itâ€s going to be a waste of time and money if your IP address isnâ€t changed as explained in that guide

2. A Funded Liberty Reserve account: I believe you already know what Liberty Reserve is, right? Well if you donâ€t, itâ€s another payment processor like Paypal but much more easier to operate. You can read more about it on this post I earlier wrote.

3. A Chinese address and phone number: Since you canâ€t open a Paypal account from your country, you have to lie about your country. Sorry about that but youâ€ve got to do what youâ€ve got to do if you really need a verified Paypal account. You can grab an address and a phone number from this page. I choose China (International) because itâ€s easier to open and verify plus you wonâ€t have to worry about the language. Itâ€s English and also, you can connect it with a US bank account. Sorry about that but youâ€ve got to do what youâ€ve got to do if you really need a verified Paypal account. You can grab an address and a phone number from this page

Alternatively, use this address:

**7 Beiqing Highway,
Huaxin Town,
Qingpu District,

Province: Shanghai / City: Qingpu District / Postal code: 201705 / Tel: +86-021-5977****

Replace the asterisks with any number of your choice. There you have it, a fake phone number and address. I think youâ€re ready for the full tutorial now.

Iâ€ll divide this tutorial into 4 parts:

1. Buying a virtual credit card for verification
2. Opening the Paypal account
3. Linking your credit card
4. Finally getting verified.

Now starting with the first thing you have to do.
1. Buying a virtual credit card for verification

I told you earlier you need to open a Liberty Reserve account and fund it, right? This is where youâ€re gonna need it. Go to and buy a Paypal VCC Plus. Be sure you buy this particular one and not the cheaper one. It costs $10.99 at the moment and you should be asked to provide your email adress during purchase.


Be sure you give the right email as your virtual credit card will be sent to this address. It may take 24 hours before you get the VCC details but you donâ€t have to wait. letâ€s proceed to the second stage.
2. Opening the Paypal account

Now, listen and listen real good: be sure Your Freedom is already running and youâ€ve changed your browser settings to localhost:8080 or Weâ€re through this already in that Your Freedom guide, right?

- Register for Paypal from this page: : Thatâ€s the address for China International Paypal page

- Click on the signup button and proceed on the next page by choosing Personal. You can always upgrade later.

Paypal Registration

- Enter your details on the next page. Be sure to use an email you havenâ€t previously used on your failed attempts at opening and verifying a Paypal account. Also, thereâ€s no harm in using your real name, just be sure to use the address you got earlier, remember?

Openning A Paypal Account

Again, you may need to enter the number without the +86 prefix. Got it? Donâ€t link any credit card yet as shown above. If youâ€re prompted on the next page to add your credit card again, skip this step by clicking Go to my account.

- Registered and logged in? Now go ahead and confirm your email address and we can now move on to the next stage.
3. Linking your credit card

At this point, you have to wait till you receive your credit card details through email from Virtual-CC. Itâ€s only then you can proceed to link the CC to your Paypal account. It may take up to 24 hours.

- Log in to your Paypal account and on the right, you should see a link asking you to link your Credit card.


- Follow this link and enter your credit card details:


- Click on Add Card and if successful, a page like the one shown below should be displayed. Click on Confirm my card to move on to the next step.


- If youâ€re shown this on the next page, hit the right button:


- Hitting the continue button charges your virtual credit card with $1.95 and you will be requested to provide a 4-digit code to complete the whole process.


- Now you can log out of Paypal. Youâ€re still coming back though.
4. Finally getting verified

Now that youâ€ve properly linked your credit card to your Paypal account, you must go back to those VCC guys to request for your 4-digit verification code.

- Go back to, click on the Paypal code request link at the top and enter the required details (your email and credit card number).


- Once itâ€s ready, you should get an email notification. This may take up to 2 or 3 days at times and I suggest you also keep checking your spam folder in case it lands there. If youâ€re lucky, it may be in 24 hours.

- When you get notified that itâ€s ready, go to that same page on and key in your virtual credit card number and email address again. The next page displays your Paypal verification code:


***Be sure Your Freedom is Running and your browser settings is changed***

- Log in to Paypal and click on Confirm my credit or debit card.


- Youâ€re shown a page where you you can now enter the code you copied earlier:


- Bingo! Your Paypal account is now verified!


I verified my 4 years old acccount using this method and iâ€ve done it for countless clients over the years so I see no reason why it shouldnâ€t work for you. No matter which country you stay, itâ€s definitely gonna work unless you did it wrongly.
Precautions you must take

1. You must never use any other IP address to access this account under any circumstance. You must always use the Your Freedom server you verified it with or your account will be limited and you canâ€t hold me responsible for that.

2. I suggest you donâ€t start with a huge transaction. You may first send $10 or thereabout to the account. Starting with a transaction as high as $1000 may get it limited though you can do that with time.

3. If youâ€ll be using the account for a lot of buying and selling, try upgrading to a business account

4. After logging in to your Paypal account, always clear your cookies before changing back to your normal IP address.

5. Keep your phone number, credit card details and other info in a draft message in your email account. Paypal may request for it any time they feel like confirming your identity.
Things you should know

1. You canâ€t withdraw directly. There are three ways to use your fund:
A. Sending to a friend overseas who has a verified Paypal account linked to his / her bank account. This person withdraws the moey through his / her bank and then send to you through MoneyGram or Western Union.|
B. Buying digital products online and paying for stuffs. You can also buy stuffs like electronics and other things but you may need a contact overseas to ship the goods to.
C. Selling the fund to those who need it around you and getting paid by cash in your own currency.
D. Using Forex platforms that allow you to deposit with Paypal and withdraw through Liberty Reserve.

2. You canâ€t fund it directly but there are two ways to get funds:

A. Earnings from businesses you do online.
B. Buying funds from those around you who already have funds. I, for example, do sell Paypal fund.

Hereâ€s to hoping your verified Paypal account doesnâ€t get limited because if that happens, Iâ€m afraid I canâ€t help. But it you closely follow the rules and make sure you access with the same IP address all the time, you shoul use it for a pretty long time.

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  • Date: May 29, 2016

Very good information. Nigeria still has some restrictions, so I got a USA verified PayPal from Auction Essistance to bypass that. Working quite well at the moment.