If you connect your 2go chat app to your Facebook account, you will be able to chat with
your Facebook friends
without them knowing you
are chatting with them using
the 2go app on your phone.
Despite explaining "How to use 2go to chat with Facebook
friends", I keep receiving emails from 2go app users,
asking me how to link Facebook and 2go chat app
together Cos they keep complaining that the reply given to them is that "incorrect username or password" well here is the tips that might help you.


Connecting 2go Messenger to
Facebook is a simple process
which only requires you
knowing your Facebook
Username. After reading
through comments on the 2go tips on my blog, have realized that many 2go
users don't know how to get
their Facebook Username,
which is very essential for any
2go user to be able to
successfully connect Facebook to 2go chat app.

So, How Do I Get My Facebook Username?

Go to : www.facebook.com/ username to generate the unique address for your Facebook profile..

Your username is the
nickname after the
"www.facebook.com/ " in the address generated from the
link above. e.g if your unique
Facebook Profile address
generates is
somebody", the " somebody" is your username.

So, How Do I Link my Facebook and 2go Messenger

You must have a working 2go application on your phone and you must have your Facebook username and Facebook password handy.

==> Launch and log in to your
2go chat app
==> Click on "Settings" ==> Select "Gateways" ==> Select "Facebook Gateway"


==> Select "Facebook Gateway" from the options and click on "Activate" ==> Enter your Facebook Username and Facebook Password in the spaces provided


==> Click "Submit"

That's all.

If successful, you will start
seeing your Facebook friends
in your 2go app and you can
start chatting with them.

NOTE: Your Facebook username and password
should be entered in small letters and remember that you must not enter :
"www.facebook.com/ somebody" as your username. Your username is the
"somebody" after the "www.facebook.com/".

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  • Date: Jun 10, 2014

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