Tony ward has achieved the unimaginable after betting £55, 000 he inherited from his family on Liverpool winning the Premier League.

The 55-year-old is a fan of Reds rivals Man United and has been waiting nervously to hit it big since the pandemic delayed footballing action since March.

And the father of three won £91,000 including the £55,000 he staked for Jurgen Klopp's side to emerge champions of England.

Ward did not work for the money he used in playing the bet but he inherited it from his mum Rose who died in 2017 at the age of 82.

And he claimed his mum would not mind with what he had used the money for: "She wouldn't have minded what I did with the money - not at all. She liked a flutter!

"She liked the horses. But I'd give it all back to have my mum still around."

He staked the bet back in October, putting the lot on Liverpool back in at odds of 4/6.

He said: "Liverpool were always looking like they could win the title. I picked them after a long, long debate."

Ward anxiously watched Liverpool show their dominance in the league ahead of former champions Man City but the outbreak of the coronavirus.

And after the Anfield giants were crowned champions in June, Ward revealed what he would do with the money: "I fancy a big holiday. The rest is for a rainy day."

He labeled himself as an "armchair" Red Devils fan, then had to hold his nerve before the season eventually restarted in mid-June,
He said: "I would have got my stake back, I think, if the season had been cancelled. But that would have been unfair.

"Liverpool were that far clear. They only needed six points."

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