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Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted he really needed to score a free-kick after 42 failed attempts for Juventus.

The 35-year-old scored his first free-kick for Juventus after several failed attempts as he beat Torino's goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu to put Juve 3-1 up in the Turin derby.

The game which eventually ended 4-1 also saw Ronaldo become the first Juventus player in 60 years to score atleast 25 goals in Serie A.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, Ronaldo said: "I really needed that free-kick goal so I could get some confidence back.

"We knew it would be a difficult game, but we worked hard, won and are now putting pressure on Lazio.

We achieved the objective today. "It doesn't matter who scores goals, as long as the team wins. We're all in good shape and will try to win against Milan too, which is another difficult match."

Ronaldo's manager Maurizio Sarri was also happy to see Ronaldo rediscover his scoring ability from set-pieces.

Sarri said: "I honestly didn't think it was [a problem] but at the end of the match, he came to me and said 'finally'.

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