Legendary boxer Mike Tyson celebrated his 30th birthday in grand style in 1986 with notable personalities as guests, including celebrities Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z and the now US President Donald Trump.

The boxing legend reserved 19 bedrooms in the exotic and expansive apartment where girls are kept with to entertain the guests.

The bash was celebrated at his 52-room mansion equipped with a nightclub; as his £55,000 tiger was also kept there.

Writing in his book "Undisputed Truth", Tyson said: "We had 13 different chefs, each one cooking in their own kitchen.

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"Everyone from Oprah to Donald Trump to Jay-Z to street pimps. There was a guy hand-rolling other items.

"I told Crocodile (friend Steve Fitch), 'see all these girls? They're mine'."

Tyson went on to reveal that he moved out then-girlfriend Hope to make room for his 19 women.

"She had been staying at the house, but I moved her out and put her up at the hotel so the room would be available for one of my lady suitors.

"I was so egomaniacal that I reserved the 19 bedrooms in my house for girls."

A couple of days ago, Tyson released another stunning video of his training session where he again showed incredible speed and punching power.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion is getting closer to making a come back after 15 years of hanging his gloves.

Iron Mike has posted some of his work out videos in recent times and putting a hole inside a punching is the scariest out of the previous two.

The 53-year-old's latest video has drawn the attention of fans on social media after the former heavyweight world champion showing off his devastating punching power

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