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Neymar has been ordered to return a whopping €6.7million to his former club Barcelona by judge handling the club's lawsuit as regards the player's signing bonus.

The case between Neymar and Barcelona is centered on disagreement involving a 40 million euro bonus the PSG star was expected to receive after renewing his contract.

Interestingly, the Brazilian after penning a new deal with Barcelona in 2017, left for Paris after the French outfit met his buy-out clause of €222 million that year.

At the last count, Neymar received a €14million bonus ahead, with Barcelona refusing to pay up the remaining €26 million when he opted to quit the Nou Camp.

Neymar insisted he must be paid the full amount alongside an interest at 10%.

And on March 21, 2019, which was accepted as the next court date, Neymar's lawyers refused to provide the player's contract with PSG in their documentation.

However ruling on the case on June 19, 2020 Barcelona have confirmed that the judge has ordered the player to return the money.

In a statement released by the club, Barcelona say they are pleased with the ruling of the court.

The club said in a statement: "FC Barcelona expresses its satisfaction with the verdict announced today by Social Court 15 in Barcelona in relation to the lawsuit involving FC Barcelona and the player Neymar Jr regarding the amount of the signing bonus in the final renewal of the player's contract.

"The ruling has fully dismissed the player's claim for payment of 43.6 million euros, and has accepted a large part of the defence presented by FC Barcelona, as a result of which the player must return 6.7 million euros to the club.

"Since the player's representative is entitled to appeal this decision, the club shall continue to fervently defend its legitimate interests."

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