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Floyd Mayweather is the best fighter in boxing history according to BoxRec as Mike Tyson does not make the top ten.

The 42-year-old remained undefeated in his illustrious career winning all of his 50 professional fights.

Mayweather's closest rival Manny Pacquiao is ranked second, the only boxer to win titles in eight divisions and has a record of 62 wins seven losses and two draws.

Argentine legendary boxer Carlos Monzon came third with an impressive record of 87 wins, three losses and nine draws.

He also held the middleweight title for seven years between the 60's and 70's.

Heavyweight sensation Muhammad Ali is fourth with an impeccable record of t56 wins and six losses.

A man who many regard as the greatest in the sport. The late Sugar Ray Robinson completed the top five spots with 174 wins under his belt as well as 19 losses with six draws.

Other notable boxers ranked by BoxRec include Bernard Hopkins who occupies the sixth spot and Oscar De La Hoya who is ranked in ninth position.

7 Legendary Joe Louis and Archie Moore are in seventh and eighth positions respectively with Julio Ceasar Chavez completing the top ten.

Surprisingly, Mike Tyson was snubbed by BoxRec despite his remarkable 50 wins with 44 of them coming by the way of a knockout.

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  • Date: Jun 03

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